After battle with censors, ‘Darling Don’t Cheat’ ready for release

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Mumbai, Feb 2 (IANS) Bollywood film “Darling Don’t Cheat”, which was embroiled in controversy for its bold scenes, is now gearing up for its release on March 11.

Director Rajkumar Hindusthani who had termed the film on the lines of memorable films such as “Insaf Ka Tarazu”, “Bandit Queen” and “Fire” for its bold content, said: “Our promotional strategy for the film was going on very strong… we were so charged up about our earlier release date of October 30. But the issues with the censors made our plans go haywire.

“The past few months have been full of intense discussions with our teams so that our film is shown in the best way and at the right time according to what we want to show and not what the censors want us to show.”

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“Now, we are coming out in March as we feel the buzz that we had created was washed away and we’ll need more than a month to regenerate it. And we don’t want to disappoint all the people who had registered for the nude trip contest as the contest is very much on,” he said.

The film’s trailer had created significant buzz due to the bold scenes in it which included stripping scenes, as well as scenes with brutality, cuss words and violence. The makers had to face several hurdles with the censor board, who suggested numerous cuts and beeps even for the trailer, thus stalling them from screening it on television.

This sent their promotional strategies for a toss and after reworking their strategies and deliberating with the censors, the film is now releasing after more than four months of its initial release date.

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The film starring Ram Gaurav Pandey, Ashish Tyagi and Neha Chaterji is also produced by Hindusthani under the banner Fyeo Media Works.

–Indo Asian News service


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