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After brazen shootings on Hwy 410 and 403, Brampton mayor urges CCTV cameras


Following a brazen shooting on a Highway 410 exit ramp to Derry Road, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown has reached out to the Ontario government for help in getting CCTV cameras installed along Highways 410 and 403 in Peel region to help police curb gun violence.
This shooting occurred on Oct. 22 claimed the life of a 28-year-old-man, and left a 17-year-old boy and a 26-year-old woman seriously injured.
All three were stopped at a traffic light when another vehicle pulled up beside them and someone began firing.
“Being a safe city is a core priority for our city council and we will continue to focus on providing the necessary resources to keep Brampton a safe city to live, work and play,” said Mayor Brown said in a press release.
“The recent targeted gang shootings on the 410 have in part been due to the lack of cameras and the quick ability to vacate the scene. We can’t permit blind spots like this that gangs are obviously taking advantage of.”
At its Friday meeting, the Peel police services board passed a motion saying it wants to work with the Ontario government to get approval and funding for CCTV cameras in the wake of violent crimes in Peel region.
The motion says such cameras can help to reduce crime and serve to aid police in their investigations.
A spokesperson for Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney said, should the ministry receive a submission from the Peel police services board, “it will be given due consideration in consultation with our counterparts at the Ministry of the Solicitor General.”
According to Peel Regional Police, there have been four shootings on Highway 410 in the past 18 months.
Up until now, Peel police have attempted to solve these crimes by assessing dashboard camera video footage provided by other passing drivers.
Reacting to Brown’s call, former privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian said the authorities would need to take into consideration concerns over privacy, which would most certainly arise.
But she said this could easily be addressed by making sure video captured by CCTV is encrypted.
Gun violence has spiked in Peel Region over the past few months. Every other day there are reports about robberies that involved firearms.
Although there will be some who will fret about the loss of privacy by installing CCTV cameras on highways or streets, a large majority of the public would happily trade some loss of privacy for peace of mind knowing they are safer because of it.


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I would say ban immigration from Punjab and rest of India especially for the young students. They are the root cause of all evil.


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