After politicians ignore demands for decades, Haryana village crowdsources funds for bridge

Sirsa (Haryana), July 2 (ANI): Politicians of successive governments came and went, but after every leader, irrespective of party, ignored the demands of the villagers in the Sirsa district of Haryana for a bridge over the Ghaggar river, the people of the area decided to crowdsource the funds for the vital link and go ahead and construct it.

“The villagers have been saying that even their fathers and grandfathers had appealed to the politicians visiting this area for a bridge to be constructed. However, their demands were always ignored. They needed a boat to travel from one village to the other. Many people have also lost their lives while attempting to cross the river,” said Santa Singh, a villager.

“The efforts of the villagers came to fruition when they were successful in building this bridge,” he added.

According to reports, the people of nine villages raised around Rs one crore for the construction of the bridge. This bridge will become a vital link for the people of around 30 villages and will help close to 1.25 lakh people have better connectivity to Sirsa town. (ANI)

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