Ageism needs a different viewpoint, claims researchers

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Washington D.C., March 1(ANI): Many times when people make perceptions about ageism, it makes them think of older people and is a form of discrimination.

Researcher Fredrik Snellman from the Umea University believes that the concept needs to be redefined to mirror all people’s practical experiences of ageing.

Snellman said that they are using age in many ways to organise their own and other people’s lives and to make their social world understandable. The usage can sometimes be prejudiced and have undesirable consequences. It is often hidden and the ways it is noticeable in everyday life can seem trivial. That is why it is of importance to make visible the everyday use of ageism and find new terms for them.

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In the research Snellman criticises previous scientific findings and a suggested definition of the term of attitude and the phenomenon ageism.

According to Snellman, the concept of ageism needs to be redefined to mirror all people’s practical experiences of the chronological, social, biological and psychological parts of ageing. Ageism should be portrayed as significant for people of all ages rather than only the older population.

The study draws parallels to another study that has shown that negative ageism – or negative attitudes about older people and ageing stands in connection with an increased mortality among the population.

The study has been published in the journal Nordic Psychology. (ANI)

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