AIB’s vindictive reaction on Aamir Khan’s narrow mindedness contention is BANG ON!!

Mumbai, December 8 (CINEWS): Keep in mind how the lobbyist side of Aamir Khan surfaced when the high-quality satire bunch All India Backc**d (AIB) had been pummeled by moralists and the law for their racy live to appear with Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh, and Arjun Kapoor?aamir khan '

All things considered, AIB recovered an opportunity to hit at Aamir on their show on Sunday when the issue of Aamir’s self-extradition to get away from the nation’s atmosphere of narrow-mindedness came up. Co-has Gursimran Khamba and Tanmay Bhatt took poker-confronted potshots at the recently ambushed whiz.

Reviewing AIB’s own badgering in the hands of the ethical police when poop had hit the fan over their live meal, Khamba investigated the camera and asked Aamir, “Now do you comprehend what it feels like when without knowing the actualities of the matter, you are assaulted… ”

At that point getting more straightforward in his assault, Khamba asked, “We comprehend what it feels like when without viewing the video, individuals assault us.” It ought to be reviewed that Aamir had admitted having condemned AIB’s live dish with Karan Johar without watching the substance.

Portraying the subversion charge slapped on Aamir as silly, Tanmay Bhatt said, “Sometime in the past Gandhiji was slapped with a dissidence charge for driving the Dandi March. Presently you get blamed for subversion when your wife calmly says she needs to leave the nation.

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