Aimee Osbourne reveals she does not `socialise` with her `famous` siblings

Melbourne, Sept 9 (ANI): Aimee Osbourne, who has always stayed out of her famous family’s spotlight, has now revealed that she is not at all close to her renowned siblings Kelly Osbourne and Jack Osbourne.

The English actress, who years ago had refused to be in her parents, Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne’s famous MTV show, ‘The Osbournes’, recently said that she never socializes with her singer sister and reality star brother as she doesn’t like to be an open book for media, reported.

The 32-year-old actress added that for her watching people getting out of control, indulgent and dramatic was very silly, so she always tries to stay away from limelight and be herself.

Aimee’s song ‘Raining Gold’, which she claims to be inspired from her dark childhood, has been viewed on YouTube over two million times and has been critically acclaimed. (ANI)

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