Air India flight makes emergency landing at Delhi airport after hydraulic leakage (Update)

Noida/Delhi, Sept.7 (ANI): A Delhi-Varanasi Air India flight 405 made an emergency landing at Delhi Airport on Monday at around 7:55 p.m. after leakage in the hydraulic system mid-air.

The Minister of State for Civil Aviation Mahesh Sharma confirmed to ANI that the pilot came to know of hydraulic leakage when the flight was mid air and all emergencies were declared which prevented a major disaster.

“Flight number AI 405 took off from Varanasi to Delhi and it landed in Delhi at 7:55 p.m. The pilot came to know of hydraulic leakage when the flight was mid air, and was in the process of landing. Pilot conveyed it to the Air Traffic Control and all emergencies were declared,” Sharma told ANI.

“All security and fire brigade arrangements were made at the airport. After landing when the leaking oil fell on the hot rim, it was assumed that it could be a fire. All emergency gates were opened. Out of 144 passengers, total 5 passengers had minor injuries.A major havoc has been avoided,” Sharma added.

Describing the harrowing experience inside the aircraft after the pilot declared emergency, Rajendra Desai, a passenger of the flight 405 said that 15 people have suffered minor injuries.

“We came to know of the fire after the aircraft landed. The pilot immediately informed us to vacate and there was ruckus inside the aircraft. There was lot of smoke around the plane. 15 people have suffered minor injuries,” Desai said.(ANI)

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