Airbnb home rental turns party pad, residents upset

There are well over 300 Airbnb homes and condos available for short-term rentals in Toronto, a similar number for rent in Mississauga while there are just 9 Brampton homes listed on the site.

While most hosts and neighbors don’t have any issues with quiet and considerate customers a few have caused upheaval in the neighborhood. One such Mississauga house listed on Airbnb is the bane of neighbors who have to deal with visitors to the house who come there to party. Marijuana smoke permeates the air, dozens of cars park there and the residents of this quiet Mississauga cul-de-sac are naturally upset. This house has been a party place for the past three months.

As the concept of Airbnb becomes more popular there are bound to be more homes and condos rented out to strangers and the chances of a few attracting unsavory guests or party animals will grow. Calls to regulate Airbnb rentals will soon grow shriller. Think Uber. – CINEWS

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