Airport turban screening procedure reversed in Canada



Turban screening continues at other international airports

The mandatory Explosive Trace Detection turban screening procedure at Canadian airports which was introduced on April 15th has now been hastily reversed following an outcry. Transportation Minister Lisa Raitt made the announcement of the reversal in comments to the CBC late Tuesday evening. Minister of State (Multiculturalism) Tim Uppal also issued a separate statement Tuesday evening. The new screening procedure is to be cancelled immediately for air travel inside Canada.
The WSO President, Dr. Amritpal Singh Shergill said, “we are happy to see that the discriminatory policy requiring the mandatory secondary screening of turbans and other religious headgear for explosives has been reversed but we are shocked that such a policy could have been introduced without any consultation or notice in the first place. While the policy has ended for travel within Canada, we will continue to follow up with Transport Canada to ensure that it ends on all flights, as soon as possible.”
With federal elections around the corner, it is apparent that the Conservatives would not want to let this so-called security procedure become an election issue. Which is why even before opposition parties seized upon this issue, it was taken off the table.
Turban wearing Sikhs will however be still subjected to turban screening on flights to the US. The person would be expected to pat down their turban and have their hands swabbed for traces of explosives.

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