Ajay Devgn didn’t want anyone else to direct ‘Shivaay’

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Ajay as seen in his film.

Actor Ajay Devgn says that he chose to direct his film Shivaay as he felt that only he could tell the story that he had in his mind.

At trailer launch Ajay was asked if he could not trust another directors with the film. He said: “It was not that way. I had my own thought process. The story that I wanted to tell, I felt that only I could tell it. That is why I made the film.”

“It is a family film. The action is a backdrop, but basically it is an emotional drama where a man is pushed to destroy everything possible because somebody is trying to destroy him. We had actually read an article which had happened in real life and we were moved by it, and the film has been made on that thought process. We didn’t follow it, but it was an inspiration,” he added.

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The trailer of the film sees Ajay jumping from snow-clad mountains, hanging from the top and bottom of the car, indulging in intense fight scenes with numerous car stunts. Bomb blasts were also shown. At the same time, his romantic and emotional side is also on display in numerous scenes.

There are reports that Ajay has ripped off at least six Hollywood for his film according to the people who had seen the trailer on the internet. – CINEWS

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