Ajay Devgn misses his children the most when he is not with them

Mumbai, December 21 (CINEWS): Known about performers being achy to go home? All of them face it when they are away on long shooting spells.ddevgn 8

Ajay Devgn, who has been shooting his own particular directorial wander subsequent to the first week of November, is as of now in Hyderabad for another marathon shooting spell.

Two or three days prior, the performing artist, who has a gigantic set and a remote group on standby, was feeling the loss of his two children so gravely that he needed to leave everything and fly back home to see them. Obviously, next morning, the head assumed control over the heart. Rather than leaving a set standing unmoving, he flew his children down to Hyderabad. That gave him an opportunity to bond with them after pack up. Yes, even geniuses have their shortcomings.

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