Ajith’s Vedhalam initial look is best than Vijay’s Puli initial look,

Mumbai, September 27(CINEWS): Fans appear to own darling Ajith’s rugged look in Vedhalam over Vijay’s somebody avatar in Pulivijay-ajith01
The age recent competition between the fans of 2 Tamil superstars Ajith and Vijay has continually been the point in gossip circles. And currently with the arrival of social media, that competition has up to a full new level.

Every day, I stumble across varied memes concerning Vijay and Ajith that are created by the rival fan clubs. And this bad blood between the 2 fan teams was at its peak last Wednesday, once a second trailer of Vijay’s Puli was discharged in conjunction with title unleash and initial look launch of Ajith’s Vedhalam. each Ajith and Vijay fans went berserk for few hours taking twitter by storm, attempting to tug down the film of the rival star with memes and tweets. Amidst all this twitter fighting between Ajith and Vijay fans, I puzzled that film features a higher initial look – Vijay’s Puli or Ajith’s Vedhalam? Thus,I asked you fans to assist ME decide and ultimately the decision is out.

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