Akashvani hosts Rajendra Prasad Memorial Lecture on “Hamara Samay, Samaj aur Mahabharat”

New Delhi, Nov.23 (ANI): Akashvani hosted Dr. Rajendra Prasad Memorial Lecture 2015 on “Hamara Samay, Samaj aur Mahabharat”, today at the National Media Centre, New Delhi.

The focus of the lecture was on events of bygone era and its relevance to the present day society.

This was eloquently dealt with by eminent scholar and author of Hindi Dr. Narendra Kohli, who has to his credit illuminating work on reinventing the ancient form of epic writing in modern prose.

Dr. Kohli brought forth various facets of the Mahabharata and correlated them with the present scenario and spoke about how we need to work towards a better, fulfilled and progressive society.

He said the Mahabharta was definitely not a “Yudhashastra, but a Dharamshastra that teaches us the way of life.”

Director General of All India Radio, Fayyaz Sheheryar, said, “Interpreting ancient religious philosophies of India is a bounden duty of all free-thinking Indians as we get closer to the truth through our ‘Darshana’ which is globally adored and eulogised.”

“The subject dealt with today is one significant stride in the direction of knitting India internally and welding it with the remaining world which is essentially peace- starved,” he added.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Lecture Series has been a part of Akashvani since 1969 and scholars from various fields come and share their views on this day.

Some of the names who have been a part of this lecture series are Dr. Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, Mahadevi Verma, Dr. Girija Vyas and V.P. Singh.

The lecture, which commemorates the 131st birth anniversary of our Dr. Rajendra Prasad, India’s first president, will be broadcast on December 3 at 9.30 p.m.

It was attended by the Chairman, Prasar Bharati, the Director General of the AIR, Prasar Bharti Board Members, other dignitaries and officers. (ANI)

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