Akhilendra happy to create awareness through his film

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Mumbai, March 1 (IANS) Actor Akhilendra Mishra, best known for playing Kroor Singh in the 1990s TV show “Chandrakanta”, says he accepted to do “Billu Ustaad” as it is based on the use of children in terrorist activities. He feels such topics should be explored more by filmmakers to create awareness among people.

Talking about his role in film, Akhilendra said in a statement: “My character owns an orphanage. He is very strict with kids. Sometimes, he sells children to an organisation that tries to influence teenagers to carry out terror activities.”

On choosing this film, he said: “The film’s producer came to me with the story idea. I liked the concept so, I said yes. Such topics should be explored more as they are important for creating awareness.

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“It also tells the story of how Billu Ustad, a teenage orphan, helps the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad bust a terror plot.”

Akhilendra is also known for playing the role of Mirchi Seth in the 1999 film “Sarfarosh”.



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