Akshara Theatre to bring two comedy plays to Delhi

New Delhi, Sep 4 (IANS) Theatre enthusiasts in the national capital are in for a treat as Akshara Theatre is set to stage two comedies on September 5-6.

“The Guest List” and “The Gordons”, directed by Adhiraj Sharma and Mohak Pajni, will be performed at the Akshara Theatre in central Delhi.

“The Guest List”, written and directed by Adhiraj Sharma, is about a party with four guests – two Punjabis, a Bengali and a Tamilian – who are unaware of each other’s identity. The host is mysteriously absent and a fifth uninvited guest creates havoc in their lives.

“The Gordons”, is about a couple, Charles and Rose, whose lives get hilariously twisted when the ghost of Charles’ ex-wife Emily gets summoned into their house by mistake during a spirit-summoning session.

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