Akshay Kumar apologizes to fan on Twitter

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Akshay was whisked far from the scene, uninformed of what had happened. Simply prior this week the news of Akshay Kumar’s bodyguard punching a fan at the Mumbai airport  surfaced on the Internet.

Spectators were left astounded as the bodyguard, who has been working with Akshay for quite a long while now, punched a fan requesting a selfie.

Akshay was whisked far from the scene, unconscious of what had happened. In the wake of watching the clasp online in any case, Akki has apologized to the fan being referred to on Twitter.

He composed, “What happened that day was tragic and uncalled for. I was at the airplane terminal and I heard a bustle which made me pivot, however I didn’t see anything incorrectly, so I strolled on. It was later conveyed to my notification that my bodyguard had punched a fan.

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I have reprimanded him and given him a strict warning for the same. My sincere apology to the fan who was hurt. I hold my fans in the highest regard and such incidents are always upsetting. I will ensure such a scenario is avoided in the future.”  “CINEWS”

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