Akshay’s wrong uniform doesn’t bother audience, says co-star

Akshay dressed in his uniform in Rustom.

Akshay dressed in his uniform in Rustom.

There have been reports on the social media drawing attention to the wrong uniform with wrong medials worn by actor Akshay Kumar in Rustom which revolves around  a navy officer. A picture appears on the internet pinpointing out things in Akshay’s uniform that were incorrect.

When  Akshay’s co-star from Rustom Indraneel, who also played a naval officer in the movie, he said, “I think it’s immaterial. The general audience really doesn’t care. For them, they are getting to see their superstar looking awesomely dapper in the naval uniform. That’s all that matters at the end if the day. And then, of course, there is also the fact that it’s heading towards the Rs 100-crore mark irrespective of any controversy.”

Indraneel, who played the role of Captain CP Cherian in the film, said, “Wearing the uniform makes you feel different and powerful in an awesome way.” While Indraneel didn’t have a lengthy role in the film, the actor has no regrets. 

And while on shoot, it was not just Akshay who entertained the crew with his trademark naughtiness but Ileana too tingled the crew’s taste buds by baking cakes. “Ileana baked an awesome sugar- free banana cake and made sure each and every cast member got a piece. She is also one of the sweetest stars without any airs. Esha was a complete sweetheart too, cracking jokes and chilling with all the actors,” said Indraneel.

Earlier Akshay said that the film makers have sought the advice of Navy officials to avoid any inaccuracies. – CINEWS

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