Aksigen Hospital Care introduces revolutionary medical textile called ARMA

Mumbai, Sept.28 (ANI-Businesswire India): Aksigen, a pioneer in enzyme based anti-inflammatory products, announces launch of ARMA, the world’s first washable permanently disinfecting medical textile that helps curtail Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). HAIs are a major cause for concern across hospitals throughout the globe because of the distressing consequences they have on already ailing patients.

Medical textiles are known to act as possible vectors of transmission, encouraging the spread of HAIs. These textiles harbor pathogenic bacteria for considerable periods of time. Moreover, laundry of these medical textiles fails to kill microbes; a foremost reason for the spread of infections. HAIs are also known to spread exponentially throughout a hospital due to contamination of the air ducts as well as direct/indirect contact with infected blood and body fluids.

ARMA brings to the market a complete assortment of hospital textiles catering to every segment within a healthcare facility be it an ICU, NICU, OT or a general ward. Each ARMA product is treated with LivinguardTM technology that enables destruction of all major HAI-causing microorganisms, by employing a unique mechanical kill action, thus giving the entire medical fraternity the much needed Armour against rapidly spreading infections.

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Gautam Daftary, Chairman and Managing Director of the company said “Aksigen has been in the Healthcare industry for over two decades now. With every passing moment, Aksigen is increasingly investing resources in bringing novel solutions to the market, one such product being ARMA. With this launch, we hope to empower doctors, healthcare workers and patients with a product that will strengthen the overall infection prevention program of the healthcare facility while also ensuring a decrease in the economic healthcare burden.”

ARMA offers a complete gamut of non-toxic, reusable products involving apparel for doctors and hospital staff in addition to hospital paraphernalia such as bed covers, privacy curtains, top and bottom bed sheets, blankets, towels etc. The advanced technology used in ARMA prevents staining and permeation of blood and body fluids. Such a cost-effective, impermeable barrier is of vital importance in all medical textiles to allow for reduction in the population affected by HAIs. (ANI-Businesswire India)

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