Alberta teen accused of terror charges to be released on bail

Edmonton, November 20 (CINEWS): An Alberta teen from Beaumont, a community south of Edmonton, accused of trying to join the Islamic State, or ISIS, will be granted bail. The proceedings, whichtook place on November 16 concluded the 17-year-old who was arrested in March will be released. The teen was previously denied bail at a May hearing in youth court. Publication bans on both hearings prevent public reporting of the reasons why theisis_flag decisions were made.
The teen was first arrested in March and faces two charges – one for attempting to leave Canada to commit an act of terror and the second for attempting to leave the country to join a terrorist group. It is reported that the teen’s bail conditions will most likely be finalized on November 19 and he will be released a few hours later. The teen will be released into his father’s care and will remain under house arrest. The case will go straight to trail, which is scheduled to begin October 31, 2016.
It is reported that more than 100 Canadians have left to join terrorist organizations abroad. In February, it was reported a Canadian woman left Canada to join ISIS and last year it was reported that five Calgary residents left to join ISIS, at least three of them died fighting for the terrorist organization. Radicalization of young people in Canada is seen both as a threat by the government and local community members.

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