Alcohol a ‘habit’ for Adrian Chiles

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Los Angeles, Aug 28 (IANS) Television presenter Adrian Chiles has revealed that he has been drinking since the age of 15.

“I’ve been drinking for 36 years since I was 15, more or less every day. I’ve worked out that if I lined up every drink I’ve ever had, the row of glasses would stretch beyond two-and-a-half miles – the length of 44 football pitches,” Chiles told The Sun.

The former “Daybreak” host said that because his drinking never led to disasters, he never considered it to be a serious issue.

Chiles said he rarely drank during the day, didn’t drink alone, or get into fights, and he doesn’t even get hangovers. So his issues were harder to spot.

“My entire social life revolves around alcohol. It feels more like a habit than an addiction,” he added.

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Chiles is now on a path to get rid of this habit, and has decided to address the normality of drinking in a new documentary.

He got separated from wife Jane Garvey in 2009. Chiles has, however, ruled out that he it’s not that he drink more because he is divorced now and said his love for alcohol wasn’t a factor in the demise of their marriage.



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