Alert! Know about fashion monsters in your wardrobe

Washington, June 24 (ANI): No body can keep away from fashion trends but did you know sometimes fashionistas make choices that can actually harm their health.

Skinny jeans, high heels, corsets, neck ties and body piercing are some of the fashion monsters that are waiting to attack in your wardrobe, reported Time magazine.

Reports claim that a 35-year-old lady’s legs went numb while she was wearing skinny jeans and doctors had to rip her jeans off due to her swelled legs.

As far as high heels are concerned, foot doctors say that the higher the heel on the shoe the more weight is pushed forward onto the balls of the feet, which can cause pain and can even effect the spine.

Corsets, which are the Kardashian clan’s obsession, can actually cause breathing problems and can damage ribs.

A small amount of evidence suggests wearing a neck tie that’s too tight could elevate intracranial pressure and possibly increase blood pressure in the eyes to unsafe levels.

Moreover, studies report that bacterial infections affect about 20 per cent of body piercings which causes allergies. (ANI)

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