Alexis Arquette’s passing was not unexpected

Alexis Arquette..Belonged to a Hollywood family.

Alexis Arquette..Belonged to a Hollywood family.

Alexis Arquette turned in memorable performances in films such as Pulp Fiction and The Wedding Singer, and she was the sister of famed actors David, Patricia and Rosanna Arquette.

No official cause of death has been given, but a statement from her brother Richmond Arquette gave the impression that the passing was not unexpected.

“Our brother Robert, who became our brother Alexis, who became our sister Alexis, who became our brother Alexis, passed this morning,” Richmond wrote.

“He was surrounded by all of his brothers and sisters, one of his nieces and several other loved ones.”

Richmond added that Alexis’ final moments were arranged in accordance with her last requests:

“As per his wishes, we cheered at the moment that he transitioned to another dimension,” he noted.

Usually when a celebrity passes at such a young age the assumption is that substance abuse or an accident were involved.

In Alexis’ case, however, she was surrounded by family and friends and seemed to know in advance that her passing was imminent.

Now, a former lover named Robert Dupont has come forward claiming to know the cause of Arquette’s untimely death.

“Alexis was living with AIDS and she had an inoperable tumor and she had developed an infection,” Dupont explained. “I was told that went to her liver and throughout her body.”

Dupont, who reportedly dated Arquette for “several years” in the ’90s, added that Alexis was “in an induced coma” at the time of her passing. Sadly, Dupont says Arquette’s final years were difficult for her:

“She was working as an artist and living in an Actors Fund home in West Hollywood for people with HIV and AIDS. She hated it,” he said. “People kept breaking into her apartment and they did alcohol and drugs. Alexis hated that. She never did drugs and she didn’t drink.

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