Muhammad Ali’s secret mission to Vietnam: Operation “Let Freedom Ring”

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The story of Muhammad Ali’s secret mission to Vietnam in 1973 has finally been told.

The late boxer’s friend, Attorney Arnold Beizer, President of Let Freedom Ring Inc., revealed details of the mission at the  Muhammad Ali memorial service in Louisville, Kentucky where he paid  respect to his lifelong associate.

Beizer organized the untold secret mission of “Operation Let Freedom Ring,” a friendship delegation to Vietnam led by world champion Muhammad Ali.” If this historic mission was to remain untold then it would be an injustice and diminish Ali’s humanitarian legacy,” he said.

In 1994, Ali and Beizer traveled with family members of service men last known alive at the time of the Vietnam War, but who did not return home when 591 Americans were released by the Vietnamese in Operation Homecoming in April 1973. The humanitarian visit was aimed also at building a Bridge of Friendship between the two nations that would endure throughout time.  Vietnamese officials and Vu Xuan Hong, Director at Vietnamese Office for Seeking Missing Persons welcome Muhammad Ali not only as a champion boxer but also as a fighter for peace.

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Ironically, Muhammad Ali stepped foot on Vietnamese soil for the first time almost 30 years after he was stripped of his Heavyweight Title for refusing to fight in the Vietnam war. As an ambassador of goodwill, Muhammad Ali proclaimed “The World is my home, and every country is only a room. All the people of all races and religions are my brothers and sisters.”

“It is fitting that Americans of all races, creeds, colors and religions come together now in the City of Brotherly Love to celebrate Freedom and to toll the Liberty Bell calling for the release of brothers and sisters held hostage around the World.  We are members of the one Family … the Family of God.  We are all God’s children. Let’s Let Freedom Ring and let every man return to his own family.  Let’s declare a worldwide time of Jubilee and set the captives free at the Sound of the Bell.” – Proclamation Letter from Muhammad Ali

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Imprint on the world

Beizer wrote, “He was truly a great human being and touched the lives of everyone with whom he came into contact. Ali left his imprint on the world in ways far surpassing just the limited arena of boxing. He was a Giver in the true sense of the word and loved God and his fellow man.

“His “I am the Greatest” routine was just an act to entertain the public and in reality he was a meek and humble man who gave his all to making the world a better place not only for his own race but for people of all races, creeds and colors. Ali was an extraordinary athlete, an entertainer, a poet and a heavyweight clown who made us all laugh at him and with him. May the Champ rest in eternal peace.”

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After Ali retired from the ring Beizer wrote a poem dedicated to the Champ  as a tribute to capsulize his life in words that could never tell the whole story about this Great man. This inspired Arnold Beizer to write the book Saved By The Bell, published by Crest Mountain Press, under the Divine inspiration of The Lord and the true story of Muhammad Ali (AKA Cassius Clay) and his contribution to mankind is contained therein for all to see. “There will never be another Muhammad Ali.” – PRNewswire.

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