All women group challenging conservative norms in hard-hitting videos

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Two members of the group appear in a video.

An all-women production team is challenging conservative attitudes of the society with satirical videos that are causing a stir online.

Mumbai-based team of filmmakers Girliyapa have released a series of hard-hitting videos that tackle misogyny, with subjects ranging from marital rape to social stigmas surrounding menstruation. “Our videos aren’t preachy but laced with humour and to the point, which drives the message home rather effectively,” Tracy D’Souza who leads the group said in an interview.

The five videos, which vary from music and dance sequences to mini-sitcoms, have received more than five million views since the first one was aired in October last year. The ten-member team of Girliyapa have also faced plenty of online sexist abuse from anonymous critics wanting to silence them.

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In How I Raped Your Mother, a play on the title of hit American sitcom How I Met Your Mother, Girliyapa tackles old-fashioned familial attitudes towards marital rape. In the 13-minute satirical video, a daughter complains to members of her family that her husband has been sexually abusing her. The mother says it’s just part of marriage while the father terms it “intense love-making”.

“Political statements aren’t solving the real issue. So we decided to make the video to highlight rape and violence against women,” Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, a Girliyapa scriptwriter who plays the role of the mother, said. – CINEWS

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