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Allahabad HC makes it compulsory for staff to pay respect to judges

Allahabad, April 4 (IANS) In a decision reminiscent of the colonial era, the Registrar General of Allahabad High Court issued a circular on Tuesday directing all officers that whenever they spot a judge passing through within the premises, they should stop and pay their respect.

The circular said it has been observed that the court officers while moving around the galleries meant for judges in the complex do not step back and allow judges to pass through, an act which is considered highly rude towards the judges of the High Court.

“It has often been noticed that while judges pass through the galleries for sitting in court and also retiring to their chambers, the officials passing in the way do not stop to wait for the judges to cross them, which is clearly an act of disrespect,” said the circular.

It emphasized that the decorum of the court shall not be breached by the court officers, and if any deviation is noticed, then it will be viewed very seriously.

“It is, therefore, directed that the officials while passing through the galleries meant for the movement of judges shall stop whenever they see that judges are passing through the galleries and pay highest respect to their lordships”, said the circular.

The copy of the circular, identified as an office order, has been forwarded to all the staff of the Allahabad High Court.



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