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Washington, July 23 (ANI): Worried about not buying the right groceries? Scientists have now crafted a scorecard that’ll help ensure you shop healthy.

Lead researcher Brian Wansink at Cornell University, said that ‘Grocer Retailer Scorecard’ would help grocers benefit from encouraging healthy shopping practices because they could sell more perishable items like fruits and vegetables rather than tossing them in the dumpster after a few days.

The researchers concluded that the scorecard could prove to be a reliable way to rate how healthy a grocery store was. A person with no training can confidently use such scorecards to rate their favorite store to determine whether it makes it easier or harder for them to select and purchase healthy foods.

The scorecards can also be used by the grocers themselves to make evidence based healthy changes to their stores that promote healthier purchases.

These findings are due to be presented as a poster at the 2015 Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior conference. (ANI)

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