America discovers what India calls it: Cold Coffee

Boston, June 26 (ANI): Not the thick frappuccino or the watery iced cappuccino. It is the cold coffee craze that is catching on, which the Indians have been drinking all along.

The cold brew has been playing catch up across the specialty coffee industry, but is called and tastes differently in different places in the US.

Matt Viser discovered that Cuvee Coffee in Austin, Texas served a refreshing chilled drink from a tap, which had a bubbly head at the top and tasted a little milky even though there was no milk added, The Boston Globe reported.

Making this kind of cold brew can take 24 hours to make, and involves brewing coffee using cold water, slowly over time to extract the flavor from the beans.

In the Washington, D.C. area, drinks coffee drinks called Slingshot, High Brew, Stumptown, La Colombe, Chameleon, and Blue Bottle were mostly basic, with no ingredients other than coffee and water, and were served in a bottle like cold drinks.

While some of them had no smell and flat taste, others were rich in coffee aroma, and one was black coffee with milk infused with nitrogen.

The variety in the US cold brew coffee market is diverse with a lot of experimentation going on, but hardly like the “cold coffee” that Indians enjoy in India.

Nevertheless, it’s still refreshing. (ANI)

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