Amputee starts campaign as no. of diabetes amputations ‘reaches new high’

Johannesburg, July 18 (ANI): Coca-Cola Co and McDonald’s Corp, which are the two major sponsors of FIFA and the World Cup tournaments, have increased their pressure on the organisation to bring major reforms after the corruption scandal that has engulfed the body as well as the game.

Both top sponsors have expressed their unhappiness with the way the world’s football governing body is being governed and, therefore, are demanding major changes to take place, Sport24 reported.

Coca-Cola has requested the Zurich-based organisation to support the creation of an independent body to reform the way it is run, while McDonald’s has asked FIFA for meaningful changes to restore trust and credibility with fans and sponsors alike.

This call for reforms has come days ahead of a FIFA executive committee meeting on Monday at which both possible reforms and the timetable for the election of Sepp Blatter’s successor would be discussed.

FIFA has been engulfed in the biggest crisis as seven of its officials were arrested with corruption charges. This incident has adversely affected FIFA’s image. (ANI)

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