An afternoon with a body worshipper


Gary Sethi is a fitness coach, dietician and a baker who steers clear from bread and even advises his clients to limit it if not downright eliminate it from their diet. We meet at Wendy’s of all places where he eats a small Chicken Caesar Salad.
So here’s the skinny on this body worshipper. He was born and raised in Brampton. As a teenager, he was obese, weighed 250 pounds but by 17, he had a epiphany, he joined Premier Fitness gym, worked out religiously, got a

Gary Sethi

Gary Sethi

better understanding about the role of nutrition and put his new found knowledge into action and today at 31, Gary shuttles between the gym, his family business which is running operations at the bakery, doing one-on-one training with clients and living life King Size.
“I do the Keto diet. Eat about 4 to 5 hard boiled eggs a day (at his peak, he ate 18) later it is a smoothie concoction made up of macadamia nut oil, almond milk, coconut oil, peanut butter and a protein mix. Sometimes I change and do avocado oil. I eat 7 small meals through the day. For dinner it is bhendi, or karela or eggplant and chicken. I eat by 6 pm.
Once a week I have a cheat day so I eat what I like as I don’t believe in depriving myself,” he said.
Gary like so many South Asians has many social obligations and many get-togethers to attend. He watches what he eats, sticks to mutton, butter chicken and ensures he eats stuff that fits in his diet avoiding anything fried or oily, which can be quite a challenge at an Indian buffet.
“Body building should be a way of life, like meditation. You gain will power, your life changes, you feel more confident, in control, but you have to sacrifice to achieve something and so many South Asians come to me looking for quick results. They are so impatient about wanting muscles without putting in the work required. The body and mind are correlated,” he says.
According to Gary, a large number of South Asians are plagued with Type-2 Diabetes and other heart problems brought about by stress, made worse by bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. “Everyone wants to get rich quick, work really hard, sleep little, eat badly all to acquire more material stuff. A neighbor is selling his home to move into a much larger home. Why? Because his brother bought such a home, he wants to keep up, so he will work harder to pay off a larger mortgage. Result? Stress and illness, perfectly avoidable,” he says.
Body builders like Gary are more into getting bigger muscles, not necessarily bigger homes or fancier cars. It’s like a new found religion. Peace and happiness comes when they look at their reflection in the mirror.

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