A. R Rahman says his life is like Brazilian football legend Pele!

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Oscar winner A. R Rahman  says feels a lot of similarity between his life and Brazilian football legend Pele. Rahman, who has scored music for a film on the previous soccer player, says his dad (likewise a music author) experienced something comparable as that of Pele.

“I can see a ton of parallels in Pele. My dad was helping all other people, yet he passed away when he bagged his first biggest release. When you watch the movie, his (Pele’s) father was an aspiring soccer player, but he could never make it,” Rahman told reporters. The 49-year-old music composer was talking at the launch of the music of ‘Pele: Birth of a Legend’.

The “Tamasha” hitmaker said the account of Pele’s dad is a lesson for trying fathers to trust that their children to fulfill their dreams.

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“His seed of goal, his gifts made Pele a tremendous genius. It is fundamentally the same as my story. It is really a lesson for each trying father who never made it. The children will make it. So be firm and have faith in god-like.”

Coordinated by Jeff and Michael Zimbalist, “Pele: Birth of a Legend” is an American true to life film which accounts the life of the resigned soccer player.

The film stars Kevin de Paula, Vincent D’Onofrio, Rodrigo Santoro, Diego Boneta, and Colm Meaney.
Rahman has created a melody called “Ginga” for the film which will observe Pele’s legacy in soccer.
“Ginga is a style which Brazilians (soccer players) used to play however was scrutinized by the Europeans saying don’t utilize the style. Be that as it may, Pele conflicted with that, utilized the style, and won the World Cup. So I felt we can do a song by utilizing the word.”

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The film is planned for release on May 13.   “CINEWS”

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