Anastacia gained weight while touring

Los Angeles, Dec 26 (IANS) American singer Anastacia gained weight while she was on tour but sees that as a “positive” thing.

“I actually gained weight on the road, which is a positive thing with a Crohn’s patient. I became a healthy size rather than a size two and zero,” Anastacia told BANG Showbiz, reports

Although she thinks many people would love to have her slender frame, she says she wouldn’t wish Crohn’s, which causes diarrhoea and unexplained weightloss – on her worst enemy because she’s always dashing off to the bathroom.

“I look like I’m in good shape because I don’t really have the opportunity to gain weight, which is not something you wish on someone, trust me, because I’ve got to know where all bathrooms are at all times,” she said.

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