Ancient tree bears 256 peony blossoms in China

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Beijing, April 18 (IANS) An ancient peony tree is blooming with 256 blossoms in China’s Luoyang city. The “city of peonies” has attracted tourists from across the country.

The “peony king” is over 120 years old and measures 2.7 metres tall and 3.7 metres wide. It once had a record of nearly 300 flowers blossoming, according to staff from the city’s Peony Park.

“The shape of the branches looks natural but compelling, and the flowers are gorgeous,” said a tourist, Wang, who came from Jiangxi province to see the flowers.

Once the imperial capital of 13 dynasties, Luoyang is home to the country’s best peony trees.

The flower was preferred by royal families for its luxuriant blossoms, which symbolise prosperity and wealth.

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The city holds an annual festival to celebrate the blooms. This year’s event kicked off earlier in April.

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