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Andrew Scheer will not walk in gay pride parades

For those accustomed to seeing current PM Trudeau jaunt happily in gay parades dressed in pink, it may be refreshing to some to learn that if Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer becomes prime minister, he won’t be walking in gay pride parades. He made this and other points on a French-language outlet.

He also promised that if a Tory backbench MP introduces an anti-abortion bill, he would vote against it and expect his colleagues to do the same.

On same sex marriage, host Guy A. Lepage played an old House of Commons debate clip of Scheer and asked him if he still felt that same-sex couples should not be married because they could not make children.

Scheer did not answer the question directly. He said society has changed since then and noted that several Liberals also opposed gay marriage back in the early 2000s. “Society has moved on to other things, I too have moved on to other things.”

Scheer said he would love and support any of his children if they came out to him and that he “supports the law now.

“I will always support the rights of all Canadians, including the rights of LGBTQ Canadians,” he said.

But he said he has no plans to participate in any pride parades — something for which he has drawn criticism from the Liberal party.

“I will not walk,” he insisted but stressed that he would have the backs of those who are persecuted for their sexual orientation. -CINEWS

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