Angelina Jolie buys 8-foot-6-inch teddy bear from two kids

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Angelina Jolie…Kids had no idea who Angie and Shiloh were.

Angelina Jolie bought an 8-foot-6-inch teddy bear on a street corner.

Two kids were trying to sell “Big Bear” for $50 in Toluca Lake, Calif.,  when an unexpected buyer rolled up. The family had no takers for about an hour, until the Oscar winner stepped out of her Cadillac.

Jolie, 41, was with her 10-year-old daughter, Shiloh, when she pulled over and purchased the enormous stuffed animal from 8-year-old twins Allen and Brandon.

“You’re very good at doing your job,” Jolie can be heard telling them in the video above. Apparently, they were very good at their job, as she doubled down and gave each kid $50.

“You guys are so cool, it’s so nice to meet you,” she continued. “This is Shiloh, and I’m Angie.”

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The boys had no idea who “Angie” was, but they posed for a pic with her nevertheless. Later, Allen and Brandon’s father filled them in on their brush with Hollywood royalty with a Kung Fu Panda reference.


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