AngelSense feature allows parents to monitor children

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NEW JERSEY — AngelSense, a GPS & Voice-Monitoring solution designed for children with special needs, today launched a new feature ensuring no child will be left behind. AngelSense’s technology allows parents to monitor their child’s whereabouts at all times by seeing the child’s locations, routes and even transit speed. If a child is determined to still be in a location they should have left, such as school, AngelSense will send an SMS message and an email to the parents or guardian.

In recent months there have been a growing number of cases of children with special needs inadvertently left behind at school, on field trips or on school buses. Laura Reed of Easton, Pennsylvania’s 12-year-old son, diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, was left unattended when school ended, fell asleep in a classroom and woke up four hours later. In another example, following a school field trip to Layton Walmart in Utah, 16 year-old non-verbal special needs student, Nathan Anderson, was left behind at the store.

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“Children being left behind is becoming far too common an occurrence especially among the special needs community. This is even more of a problem for nonverbal children, unable to communicate with others,” saidDoron Somer, co-founder of AngelSense. “AngelSense has a simple solution which will immediately enable a parent to know if their child has not yet moved on to their next expected destination and we hope this will lead to far fewer tragedies of this type taking place”.

Autism afflicts approximately 1 in 68 children in the United States according to the CDC with nearly half wandering and potentially going missing at least once before their 17th birthday, according to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics. According to the National Autism Association, a new record was broken in 2015 with over 32 wandering fatalities recorded in individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and over 200 missing persons. – PRNewswire

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  1. We love our AngelSense! Can’t imagine life without it. Anyone that has kids with autism should have this. We can listen in on the bus and I know exactly when my boys are arriving home from school. I used to stand outside waiting and worrying, now I just follow the map as they ride home.