Angry Indian Goddesses director receives threat calls!

Mumbai, December 11 (CINEWS): The film became widely popular as soon as the trailers were out! A film about 7 girls and their journey to knowing themselves, this film is very new, fresh, contemporary and even controversial.
And the tolerant country that we live in, apparently, Pan Nalin claims that he has been getting threatening calls post the release of the film.Pan+Nalin+nkOmU0uP1Kym
The film, which also contains a lesbian track, has gone through 16 cuts before it hit the screen. And yet, there are some people who find this film very vulgar and against Hindu culture.
Says Pan:
“I will not allow myself to be terrorised by messages and calls I have been receiving like, ‘How dare you blaspheme Hinduism through ‘Angry Indian Goddesses? We will make sure you go Charlie Hebdo way!’” or another one goes ‘What did you achieve by showing these… non-Sanskari Indian c**ts!’ I need not say anything more.”
Yes, our country still believes that homosexuality is worse than any crime.
However, the director’s spirit has not dampened, and he wants to make a sequel to the film!
“Right now we are totally engrossed in the success of the film. But I would really love to do a sequel. Even the actresses are saying that the journey should continue and I cannot stop it. The film’s story is endless and we will always keep finding some journey similar to this. We are visiting theatres and are still in dialogues with the audience, understanding what they liked, how are they reacting to the film. That gives us a clear picture of what to do next and take the story forward.”
And guess what!!!
“We have got an offer from a big Hollywood network which is coming to India. Right now I cannot divulge any details, but they loved the film. They have asked to adapt it as a TV series because the content is great.”
“It is humbling that people are connecting with the film. It is a small film with epic ambitions. We had to struggle to ask the distributors to give at least one show for the film, at least give the audience a chance to watch it. Whether they love it or hate it, let them decide. Indian audience should not be judged, that is extremely wrong. Sure, we love watching the Khans and the Kapoors and they will always be there, but they come up with one film a year. What about other weeks? There are 52 weeks and we need to keep the momentum rolling.”

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