Anja Rubik uses eye shadow as lip liner

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Los Angeles, May 30 (IANS) Model Anja Rubik uses eye shadow as lip liner and avoids using waterproof make-up because she struggles to remove it.

Speaking to Stylist magazine about the cosmetic item she supplements for her lipstick, Rubik said: “If I’ve forgotten my lip liner, I use my favourite taupe powder eye shadow instead.

“I put a tiny bit of Burberry’s Eye Colour Silk in Almond on a lip brush and use it to trace the outside of my lips. It creates a shadow that makes the lips seem a lot fuller.”

And Rubik believes you don’t “always” need to wear mascara but can give the illusion of longer eyelashes by curling them instead, reports

“Less is more: a very heavy base isn’t very modern. Plus, you don’t always need mascara, just curl your eyelashes to open up your eyes,” she said.

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