Ankara bomb blasts: Thousands mourn victims, blame Government

London, Oct. 12 (ANI): Thousands of people gathered in central Ankara a day after twin bombings targeted a peace rally in the city to mourn the victims of the attack.

Many mourners as well as opposition parties have blamed the Turkish government for failing to provide adequate security measures ahead of the peace rally.

They also accused that the police officers fired teargas at the victim’s families who had arrived to inquire about their loved ones after the bombing, reported The Guardian.

The demonstrators, shouting slogans “chief and murderer Erdogan” and “death to fascism,” labeled the attacks as a ‘terrorist act’ by his government.

Denying the allegations, the government said that the attack could have been carried out by the Islamic State, Kurdish militants or radical leftist groups.

At least 128 people were killed and more than 200 people were injured in a twin suicide bomb attacks on Saturday in a peace rally organized by several leftist groups, including labour unions and the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic party (HDP).

No group has claimed any responsibility for the bombing yet. (ANI)

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