Anna threatens rallies in every state over OROP

Ralegan Siddhi (Maharashtra), July 15 (ANI): Social activist Anna Hazare on Wednesday said he will hold rallies every state of the nation over the One Rank One Pension (OROP).

“At our event in honour of the Vijay Diwas, we will announce that we will hold one or two rallies in every state of the nation and try to wake up the people of the country. In that rally we will tell people about this injustice,” said Hazare.

The activist also launched salvos at the Central Government over the Land Acquisition Bill, calling it deeply anti-farmer.

“If land is acquired from farmers without their consent, will it be called democracy? What then will be the difference between British Raj and our nation now?” said Hazare.

Land Acquisition Bill is deeply anti-farmer. If the Bill isn’t faulty then they should make it clear as to how it isn’t so, else they should amend it,” he added. (ANI)

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