Annual Aim for SEVA gala on September 11

aim-for-seva-canadaThe annual Aim for Seva gala happens on September 11 at Pearson Convention Center from 5 pm to 9 pm. This prestigious event brings together South Asian businessmen and accomplished professionals who simply want to give back to the country they left behind- India.

Aim for Seva  is a non-profit organization that was set-up 15 years ago, it’s mission is to educate poor children living in remote parts of India who have no access to good schools or education of any kind.

Over the years Aim for Seva has raised over $4.4 million dollars and has helped 663 children get educated and have a shot at a decent future.

The organization sets up hostels near good schools so these children can live in these hostels, get nutritious meals, tutoring and develop skills that could help them. Over the years, 22 such hostels have being set up across India  and with fund-raising galas like this one, more hostels can be built for those who need it the most in India.

For more information on  how you could make a difference and network with some really remarkable people at this gala, visit – CINEWS

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