Anonymous anti-Doug Ford campaign picks up steam

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No one knows who is behind the online guerrilla campaign attacking Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford and the Ontario Liberals must be thrilled to bits to have them do an effective and aggressive campaign against PC leader Doug Ford on their behalf.

The group, Not Doug, has launched a slick website aimed at him, might say it hits below the belt.

Here’s a sample from the website: “There are many reasons why Doug is a bad choice for premier,” the website says before listing a litany of Ford’s controversial statements about autistic children, abortion, women, racism and drugs, among other topics.

Under each is a link to a mainstream media story that is the source material for the quote, including the Star, the National Post, the Globe and Mail, Global News, and Toronto Life.

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“This isn’t about the Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, or Green party; it’s about preventing incompetent, unqualified individuals from taking power, just because they’re the loudest ones in the room. A Doug Ford government would be a disaster for Ontario,” the site says.

The Toronto-based website also features anti-Ford posters that can be downloaded and printed off at home. Copies have been springing up on public bulletin boards and construction sites over Toronto since last weekend.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s office has insisted it had nothing to do with the campaign.

Meanwhile Ford’s spokesperson, Melissa Lantsman, has vowed their campaign will not be bogged down by online attack ads.

The Not Doug organizers want to remain anonymous because they all have day jobs and go on to describe themselves as concerned citizens.

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Unlike 18 other organizations, including the Liberal-friendly Working Families coalition of unions and the PC-boosting Facebook campaign Ontario Proud — Not Doug has yet to register as a third-party group with Elections Ontario.

Currently it seems as though the next government in Queen’s Park will be formed by the PC party but with groups like ‘Not Doug’ one can never be certain about the amount of damage they can do to the Doug Ford brand. Anyone who is anti-Doug Ford can simply download and print off posters in their own neighborhood.

Like anti-Trump campaigns are more anti-Trump than anti-Republican, this campaign too seems to be more about anti-Doug than anti-PC party.

Furthermore, Doug Ford is being likened to US President Donald Trump who is seen to be an outsider rebelling against the party insiders. -CINEWS

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  1. Doug Ford would empower the white supremacists who back him, and bring so much racism to Ontario. Please don’t allow your friends to be ignorant about the hate and prejudice a Doug Ford win would bring to your children. I’m a progressive-conservative and have a lot of of trouble with the Liberals but a drug dealer and criminal can not be leader in Ontario. Stand up to prejudice and hate. Work to make sure Doug Ford is not leader of this province. He has nothing to do with good progressive-conservatism in Ontario.

  2. I don’t give a dam what you say about Ford, you must be some kind of nut like trudeau and wynn,, Ford will get our votes so stop with all your dam lies.

  3. Wait for the writ before posting election posters on public property. We can’t always have public spaces littered with propaganda.

    I don’t think there is a law against putting one up, I don’t think there a law against someone else take one down.

    They look like tobacco warnings. Maybe the ads will backfire because smokers will vote for him.