`Ant-Man` actor Paul Rudd gets star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

New Delhi, July 2 (ANI): Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan on Thursday criticized the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Government’s move to spend Rs. 520 crores on FM radio ads and said that this issue would soon be brought to the notice of the Supreme Court.

“The Supreme Court’s order does not merely prohibit use of photographs of political leaders. It also prohibits use of government ads and public money in promoting a political party or its leaders or a government and using it against opposition parties etc. The TV advertisement brought in by the Kejriwal Government was in complete violation of the Supreme Court’s orders. It amounts to contempt of court. To think that you can do anything by way of a radio because it does not carry a photograph would be total misunderstanding of the Supreme Court order,” he said.

Detailed story to follow. (ANI)

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