Anthrax suspected after three people die in Odisha

Koraput (Odisha), June 25 (ANI): Three people are suspected to have died of anthrax in Odisha’s Koraput district after consuming meat.

Villagers said the victims died within three hours of consuming the food.

A team of doctors has been sent to examine the people.

“Our response team has gone to two blocks. They are reviewing the situation. As of now, three people have died in three different regions. All deaths are due to anthrax,” said Arun Panda, a doctor.

Several people have contracted the disease in Koraput, with wounds on their faces, legs and hands most visible.

Residents plagued by the disease and too poor to afford healthcare have died.

Anthrax is caused by bacteria named Bacillus anthracis. The bacteria infect herbivorous mammals and can be contracted in humans if they eat infected meat. The disease can result in pneumonia and even death. (ANI)

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