Anti-war rallies held in Tripura to denounce World War II

Agartala, Sept. 8 (ANI): Several protest rallies were organised in Tripura to denounce war on the 76th year of the World War II yesterday.

Parliamentarian, legislators, intellectuals, artists, writers, poets, social activists, journalists and people, from all walks of life voluntarily took part in the protest march that went through various thoroughfares of the state capital to spread the message of peace to save human race.

Protesters holding placards bearing anti-war slogans and pictures of the horrific incidents sang songs, recited poems and raised slogans denouncing war.

Tripura Chief Minister and Communist Party of India-Marxist politburo member Manik Sarkar, Member of Parliament Sankar Prashad Datta, Deputy Speaker of Tripura Legislative Assembly Pabitra Kar and several other top Left leaders also took part in the peace procession.

Krishna Rakshit, a protester said, “The peace loving citizen of the state are participating in this mammoth anti-war procession against the imperialistic war craze and sending the message of love for life. We are following that the imperialist United States is trying to spread war throughout the globe and we are raising voice against this.”

They also expressed their concern on the growing crisis of flood of refugees to Europe from the war-torn Syrian.

“We the peace loving people of this state want to send the message to the world that no war should take place which is disastrous. Hiroshima and Nagasaki took place long back but it is still today harming the humanity. Though world war is not there but still people in various countries are still fighting among themselves and the capitalist countries are involved in these. Even in yesterday’s paper we have seen that lakhs of refugees have rushed to the European countries and United States is responsible for this,” alleged Pabitra Kar (Deputy Speaker of Tripura Legislative Assembly.

Meantime, Member of Parliament Sankar Prashad Datta said, “People are joining in this rally to raise their voice against imperialist force United States which is the main force of today’s war.”

He viewed that even today the world is not free from the shackles of imperialistic powers which promote wars for their benefit. Cold wars are still going on today and in which America is indirectly supporting leading to loss of lakhs of lives including that of children and women.

Even physically challenged men and women, foreign tourists and traders closing their business establishments also took part in the biggest ever anti-war rally held so far in the state. (ANI)

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