Anushka Sharma to create three movies

Mumbai, December 9 (CINEWS): In the wake of having effectively settled herself as a performing artist, the excellent Anushka Sharma ventured into delivering movies with her maiden venture NH10 that was coordinated by Navdeep Singh.anushka

Floated with the positive reaction to the film, the blazing performer will now be creating three movies. While the first film will be coordinated by Navdeep Singh, the second and third film will check the directorial introduction of Anshai Lal and Akshat Verma individually. Talking about Anshai’s film, she “uncovered” that it has an interesting script that stacked with cleverness and sentiment, while Navdeep Singh’s film will be a thriller. Other than this, all that she said in regards to Akshat’s film was that it has a clever script. Buzz is that she will be featuring in one of the three movies, albeit no points of interest of the same is out

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