Anxious moments ahead of Mukherjee’s Israel visit

Ramallah (Palestine), Oct 12 (IANS) There were some anxious moments ahead of President Pranab Mukherjee’s visit to Jerusalem scheduled from Tuesday when a consignment of computers meant for a Palestinian university and some communications equipment were held by the Israelis, prompting hectic parleys between the two sides.

But both Jerusalem and New Delhi sought to play down the matter.

“The computers are not stuck. They have arrived,” Anil Wadhwa, secretary, east, in Indian external affairs ministry told journalists here. “You will see them tomorrow,” he added.

Wadhwa was referring to the computers that are to be gifted to Al Quds University when President Mukherjee arrives at its campus on Tuesday to deliver a talk and accept an horarary doctorate. The consignment, that had arrived in Israel, was to be shifted to Palestine.

The spokesperson for the Israeli embassy in New Delhi reportedly said the consignment was, indeed, held with their customs and that the procedures were taking time. His country, he added, had no interest in stopping this, and was taking up the matter at the earlier.

Regarding the communications equipment which the Indian side wanted to gift the Palestinian authorities, and which were also held by the customs, Wadhwa said Israelis had issues with the frequencies and that the systems will be replaced with a new band.

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