App allows young people to “Do Something” about the news

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A unique “Do Something” app, the first app that will give young people daily, immediate actions to make an impact based on today’s headlines has been launched in New York.

The launch was made by one of the  largest organizations in the US for young people and social change.

The Do Something app summarizes current events for young people and gives them specific ways to take action on issues in the news. Each news item is paired with one of’s 270 campaigns. Every campaign has a clear call to action that is backed by research to make a real impact on the cause space and doesn’t require money.

The Do Something app will use push notifications to alert young people about timely ways they can make an impact on a cause, giving users real-time content and a way to take action.

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Users will also be able to filter campaigns by cause space, making it easy for them to find a campaign focused on a cause they care about. Whether it’s discrimination, the environment, poverty, or animals, young people will be able to find a clear way to make an impact. members will be able to track the actions they’re doing and actions they’ve completed on their profile. For each action completed, users will upload a photo to prove that they’ve taken action on that issue. members will have public profiles in the app, allowing members to see photos of other young people participating in campaigns from all over the world as a part of a larger global movement for good.

“When members see something in the news, they want to take action immediately,” said Aria Finger CEO and Chief Old Person at  “This generation doesn’t want to sit around and complain, they want solutions. They want to fix things.  The Do Something app gives them a way to do just that.”

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The DoSomething app is available for iPhone in the App Store and Android in the Google play store.

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