Apple releases iOS 9 for download for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Washington D. C., Sept. 17 (ANI): Apple has officially released its iOS 9 for its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

According to the Verge, the users can download the upgrade by going to the General tab in Settings and selecting Software update or connecting their device to the latest version of iTunes. The new mobile OS only needs 1.3GB of free space to work.

The new mobile OS has a number of tweaks and improvements built in to make it more stable than ever.

In addition, Apple new iOS has a new San Francisco font and the users have a new app switcher for multitasking and a more dynamic Siri.

The new iPads will get a split-screen multi-tasking view. Also, the new News app offers a quick way to read the latest news stories. (ANI)

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