Apple repairs coming to reseller Simply Mac: Report

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San Francisco, Aug 23 (IANS) One of the largest third-party reseller and service provider named Simply Mac and Apple have reached a deal which will see the iPhone maker provide the necessary hardware to let the former conduct authorised screen repairs.

“Apple is paying to fit the new machinery and implement various security upgrades into about 30 Simply Mac stores. In exchange, Simply Mac will cease conducting all third-party repairs,” 9to5Mac reported late on Wednesday.

The iPhone maker has deployed its official repair machines in only five of the Simply Mac locations which support repairs of iPhone 6s, SE and later models.

“Prior to that programme coming into effect, Simply Mac would send off devices to sanctioned central Apple repair centres for repair.

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“Customers naturally prefer in-store repairs to shipping their device off for days at a time, so Simply Mac started their own 3rd party screen repair programme in light of Apple’s initial resistance,” the report added.

Simply Mac reportedly charges the same price as Apple for screen repairs and it serves some users who do not have access to a local Apple Store in areas like the Midwest, Pacific Northwest and the South.

The authorised Apple retailer has a major operation in the US, and reports suggest that the volume of Apple device repairs it handles is second only to Apple stores themselves.



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