April designatino as first #PlantProteinMonth

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LOS ANGELES — At a time in history when Wall Street has estimated the plant-based food business is worth $3.5B and a group of financial investors have formed an alliance to drive America’s largest food manufacturers to replace animal protein with plant-based alternatives, the first annual #PlantProteinMonth will launch in April 2017.  Axiom Foods will make the announcement, alongside their charitable partner, Vitamin Angels, during Supply Side West at the Annual Newsmakers’ Happy Hour. . In honor of the new month, a “Plant Protein Fund” has been created to benefit Vitamin Angels, to which Axiom Foods is making the first $10,000 donation. Multiple brands featuring plant proteins are expected to contribute to the fund throughout #PlantProteinMonth.

April was chosen for #PlantProteinMonth because it coincides with festivities related to Earth Day.  Educational tools and participation information is available at www.PlantProteinMonth.com

Axiom Foods’ plan for #PlantProteinMonth will include financial support to Vitamin Angels, consumer and retail education, retail display contests, and they will add the “Made with Plant Protein” indicia on their packaging and into their marketing.

“By the end of 2017, we expect #PlantProteinMonth will result in a significant donation to Vitamin Angels to help provide prenatal vitamins to pregnant and nursing women and life-saving vitamin A to children at risk of malnutrition,” said Axiom Foods CEO David Janow.

Janow continued: “We are inspired that influencers like Alphabet Chairman, Eric Schmidt’s sustainability predictions are hitting the mainstream news.  Also, the fact that a group of 40 investors managing $1.25 trillionin assets are urging the largest food manufacturing companies to reformulate with plants – is incredible. These movements most recently came about when an Oxford University study indicated $1.5 trillion in healthcare and climate change-related costs could be saved by 2050 if people reduced their reliance on meat in their diet.”

Trends to move from meat to plants is already well underway in the food industry: “The top food manufacturers already have initiatives to either reformulate existing products with rice or pea protein, or develop entirely new lines,” said Janow. “Since we’ve been talking with them, they were only waiting for GRAS status which Axiom Foods has just received on its rice and pea proteins. This FDA blessing will encourage a floodgate of plant protein-fueled foods and beverages to truly impact the global food supply.”

“We are pleased to have the support of Axiom Foods and together we can greatly improve global health,” said President and Founder of Vitamin Angels, Howard Schiffer. – PRNewswire

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